CX1010-N020 System interface Audio

Product no.: BKH-CX1010-N020

Beckhoff CX1010-N020 Embedded PC System interface


Interface module stereo audio In/Out connections, Line In, Line Mic, Line Out (also for headphone), max. 200 mW, built-in PC beeper, pre-assembled ex factory, no field modification possible


General Description

A number of optional interface modules are available for the basic CX1010 CPU module that can be installed ex factory.

The CX1010-N010 option connects Beckhoff Control Panels or standard monitors with DVI or VGA input via the DVI or USB interfaces.
Devices such as printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard, mass storage, etc. can be connected via the USB 2.0 interfaces.

Multimedia capability is realised via the CX1010-N020 audio interface.

The modules CX1010-N030 and CX1010-N040 offer a total of four serial RS232 interfaces with a maximum transfer speed of 115 kbaud.
These four interfaces can be implemented in pairs as RS422/RS485, in which case they are identified as CX1010-N031 and CX1010-N041 respectively.

The system interfaces cannot be retrofitted or expanded in the field.

They are supplied ex factory in the specified configuration and cannot be separated from the CPU module.

The internal PC/104 bus runs through the system interfaces, so that further CX components can be connected. The power supply of the system interface modules is ensured via the internal PC/104 bus.


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