750-645 Vibration Velocity/Bearing Monitoring

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750-645 Vibration Velocity/Bearing Monitoring
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750-645 Vibration Velocity/Bearing Monitoring
750-645 Vibration Velocity/Bearing Monitoring
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Products description

Wago 750-645 WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750 Function and technology modules


2-Channel Vibration velocity/Bearing condition monitoring VIB I/O, No. of digital Outputs: 2, No. of Inputs: 2, Sensor connection: +AI1, -AI1, +AI2, -AI2, Output current per channel: 0.5 A, Output current: short-circuit-protected, Output voltage: DC 24 V, Vibration velocity (RMS): 0-100 mm/s, Shock pulse (SPM) -10..+80 dbSV


General Description

The VIB I/O modules are used for online monitoring of the machine vibration level. It records the two most important parameters required for the condition analysis; vibration severity and roller bearing condition.

The severity of vibration is a measurement of the machine vibration energy and therefore, a suitable indicator for the vibration forces acting on the machine.

The ISO 10816-3 standard is used to assess the results in which the effective values of the (measured) vibration are divided into three quality categories.

The roller bearing condition is evaluated on the basis of high-frequency shock impulse signals. Shock impulses are momentary impulses arising from mechanical damage to roller bearings or the bearing surfaces.

Evaluation uses a scale where the measured shock impulses are divided into three bearing condition categories: good, limited and poor.
By recording the measurement results and evaluation in a trend curve, bearing damage can be detected at an early stage.

A special Tandem-Piezo acceleration sensor 750-925 at the same time, provides the measurement of machine vibrations and high-frequency shock impulse signals.

Datenblatt: 750-645 Vibration Velocity/Bearing Monitoring

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