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750-643 MP-Bus Master PP/MP

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750-643 MP-Bus Master PP/MP
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750-643 MP-Bus Master PP/MP
750-643 MP-Bus Master PP/MP
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Products description

Wago 750-643 WAGO I/O-SYSTEM 750 Communication Module


MP-Bus Master, PP/MP Specification V1.21 from Belimo (valid since 1.10.2002), Number of slaves max.: 8, Current consumption typ.: 25 mA (MP-Bus), Bit width: 1 Byte C/S, 7 Byte Data, Supply MP-Bus: DC 24 V, via Power Jumper contacts


General Description

The 750-643 I/O module acts as a master for the MP bus (Multi Point Bus from Belimo/Switzerland) and allows the bus to be integrated into a higher level bus network such as Ethernet or LONWORKS. The MP-bus controls HVAC actuators for dampers, regulator valves or VAV air volume controls. An additional product series for MP bus connection is the window ventilation system (FLS) from Belimo (MP bus connection for Belimo actuators, see Belimo documentation).

Devices that are equipped with an MP Bus connection, e.g. the Belimo MFT actuator series, can communicate with a higher level control via bus cable. The actuators have connections for active and passive sensors (temperature, humidity, ON/OF switch, etc.), and are accessible via MP-Bus.

An MP bus master, i.e., the WAGO I/O module, can manage up to 8 slaves (actuators) + 8 sensors (1 sensor can be connected to each slave) via a common bus line, which considerably reduces the wiring effort involved (for the actuators and sensors)(cable lengths for MP bus lines, see Belimo documentation*).

A Belimo parameterization unit (hand-held control unit, or Belimo PC tool) can be connected to the module to configure the Belimo actuators. The enable handheld contact can be used for this. The module deactivates its MP bus communication when the external parameterization unit is connected to this contact (or simply to the +24V power supply).

Current consumption (MP-Bus):

25 mA without motor current (for MP-Bus) if the motors are supplied via the MP-Bus module, all motor currents must be added

MP Bus specifications:

PP/MP specifications V1.21 from Belimo (Valid since 1.10.2002)

Datenblatt: 750-643 MP-Bus Master PP/MP

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