Important Note !

Our company is closed from 3. October till20. October.

Orders where recorded and processed from 21. October

Order handling

Important Note !

We only sell to countries within the European Union, the offer, invoice and delivery address must be within the EU.

  • We didn't deliver products if they are intended for export
  • We didn't accept any orders placed outside of the EU, with invoice and shipping located in the EU
  • We didn't accept any payment outside of the EU
  • We dind't process inquiries or orders from a company registered in Germany or the EU, with the headquarters of the management outside the EU !

All requests or orders will be cancelled !

Order handling

You create a user account with your login (email address), which allows you to check your current orders and your current basket contents.

There are different types of accounts.

account: private

If you do not enter a valid VAT ID in the input field VAT Reg No:, your account is automatically created as a private account.

All prices in the shop are including VAT.

account: company-DE

If you enter in the input field VAT Reg No: valid number including country code DE, your account is automatically assigned to the customer group company

If you do not have a VAT ID. just enter your valid company name and we will manually change your account to company.

known Problems

  • The connection to the online service is overloaded and the check fails
  • The country code, eg. IT, ES was not entered

In this case your account is classified as private, but orders are executed as company and your account will be manually changed by us to to the right type.

Intracommunity delivery

Deliveries within the EU are made free of value added tax, if your company satisfies the conditions for an intra-EU delivery.

We require your valid value-added tax ID number (VAT ID) to satisfy the regulations for intra-EU delivery.

Therfore you must enter your AT ID in the input field VAT Reg No. including the country code for example IT
Without this we have to charge the German sales tax.

In this case just contact us before order and we will change your account to the right type.

Order by E-Mail or Fax

Just send us a formless E-Mail of the desired products and then we will send you a not binding offer.

The advantage of this is that products can be considered they are not listed in our shop.