6GK1500-0DA00 Busterminal RS485 for PB with PG-interface

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6GK1500-0DA00 Busterminal RS485 for PB with PG-interface
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SIEMENS 6GK1500-0DA00 PROFIBUS Electrical networks (RS485)-Bus terminals


RS-485 Bus terminal for PROFIBUS with Fitted PG-interface and connecting Cable 1.5m


General Description

The PROFIBUS bus terminals enable connection of a bus station to a PROFIBUS network.

  • Prepared device connection for PROFIBUS stations.
  • Simple connection of stations to PROFIBUS networks by connecting sub D connectors to the spur line.
  • Multi-point connections can be implemented by directly lining up several bus terminals (up to 32 stations per segment) with bus terminal 12M.


Different versions are available:

  • Up to 1.5MBit/s Bus terminal RS485
  • Up to 12MBit/s Bus terminal 12M

Applicable to all versions:

  • IP20 enclosure.
  • Wall mounting or mounting on deep standard DIN rail possible.
  • External 6-pin terminal block for connection of inoming and outgoing bus cable and equipotential bonding conductors.
  • Integrated connecting Cable with Sub-D plug for connection of nodes.
  • Combination of terminating resistors can be connected by means of rotary switch.

The following additionally applies to the bus terminal 12M:

  • Ranges for transmission rates can be adjusted by means of rotary switches.
  • Supply to the bus terminal 12M by the connected PROFIBUS node (5 V DC/90 mA) via 9-pin Sub-D socket.
  • For maximum segment lengths, see Technical Specifications.
  • Incoming and outgoing bus cables are disconnected when inserting the terminating resistors.
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