6GK1500-3AA10 PROFIBUS OBT optical Bus terminal for connect a Client

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6GK1500-3AA10 PROFIBUS OBT optical Bus terminal for connect a Client
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SIEMENS 6GK1500-3AA10 PROFIBUS OBT Optical Bus Terminal OBT


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PROFIBUS OBT Optical Bus terminal for connect a PROFIBUS Client without integrated optical interface to optical PROFIBUS DP, without SIMPLEX Connector


General Description

The OBT (Optical Bus Terminal) is used to connect a PROFIBUS station without integral optical interface or a PROFIBUS DP RS485 segment to an optical line. Existing DP devices are then provided with the advantages of optical data transmission.

The PROFIBUS station is connected to the RS 485 interface of the OBT via a cable terminated at both ends, e.g. connecting Cable 830-1T. The OBT is integrated into the optical line using two optical interfaces.

The following optical transmission media can be connected to the OBT:

  • Plastic fiber-optic cables can be used up to an individual segment length of 50 m. They can be configured very easily on site with 2 x 2 Simplex connectors.
  • PCF1) fiber-optic cables can be used for an individual segment length up to 300 m. These cables are preassembled. The OBT supports all PROFIBUS data transmission rates up to 12MBit/s.

1) Also known as HCS fiber-optic cable:
HCS is a registered trademark of Lucent Technologies.


The OBT has a compact plastic housing. It is suitable for mounting on a DIN rail or for wall mounting with a mounting plate with the aid of two holes drilled right through.

The OBT has the following connections:

  • 9-pin sub-D socket for connecting the PROFIBUS DP node such as programming device (PG), PC, operator panel (OP), S7-300 or nodes without integral optics, e.g. ET 200S or PROFIBUS DP components from other suppliers or a PROFIBUS DP-RS 485 segment.
  • Two optical interfaces for the connection of plastic and PCF fiber-optic cables with Simplex connectors (connection to CP 342-5 FO, CP 5613 FO, IM 153-2 FO, IM 467 FO or to ET 200 with integrated optics)
  • 24 V DC infeed for power supply


  • Connection of a station with RS 485 interface via connecting Cable 830-1T or PROFIBUS cable with bus connectors (terminated at both ends) or an RS 485 segment
  • Provision of an electrical connection point on the optical line (e.g. PG connection for startup and diagnostics).
  • Support for all PROFIBUS data rates from 9.6 kbit/s to 12MBit/s including 45.45 kbit/s for PROFIBUS PA
  • Regeneration of the signals in amplitude and time
  • Cascade depth when using user-defined bus parameters up to 126 stations
  • Galvanic isolation of the station via fiber optic cable
  • Simple diagnostics via LED display for operating voltage as well as for receipt of data CH1, CH2 and CH3.
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