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Helmholz 700-972-0RB12 PROFIBUS Compact Repeater

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Helmholz 700-972-0RB12 PROFIBUS Compact Repeater
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Product no.: 700-972-0RB12
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Products description

Helmholz 700-972-0RB12 Repeater


PROFIBUS Compact Repeater, PROFIBUS-Inferface: No. of: 1; protocol: PROFIBUS-DP; max. 9,6-12 Mbit/s; connection: SUB-D-plug 9-pole, Cable outlet: 90, mit PG connection socket, PROFIBUS-Bus cable: 60C/70C copper cable up to 1,0 mm2


General description

The patented PROFIBUS compact repeater is a full PROFIBUS repeater that is versatile due to its very small size. It enables transfer rates of 9.6 kbps to 12 Mbps.

The transmission signals are regenerated by the repeater and re-sent (bit-reshaping and retransmission) so that faults in the line are largely eliminated.

The PROFIBUS compact repeater is a great alternative to conventional repeaters for a large number of applications, both technically and in terms of price.

It can be used for bus extension (up to 1 km with 2 PROFIBUS compact repeaters), to increase the number of participants, and to expand the system.

Use in MPI networks is also possible.

As a special application option, the PROFIBUS compact repeater allows the setup of stubs as separate segments.
For this it can be plugged directly into the PG connection of an existing PROFIBUS connector.

Due to the compact design, no additional space is needed in the control cabinet, as the PROFIBUS compact repeater can be used instead of a PROFIBUS connector and is simply plugged into a participant on the PROFIBUS network.

Furthermore, no separate power supply is required, because the PROFIBUS compact repeater uses the 5 V power supply, which every PROFIBUS device makes available for the terminating resistor.

The PROFIBUS compact repeater establishes a potential separation between the two PROFIBUS segments.
The integrated status LEDs provide a quick overview on the current bus status.


  • Alternative to conventional PROFIBUS repeaters
  • No additional space required in the control cabinet
  • Can be used for bus extension or as a spur line
  • Increase the number of participants
  • System expansion
  • Can also be used in MPI networks
  • Status LEDs
  • No 24 V supply required
  • 5 V power supply directly from the PROFIBUS terminal, making it usable on every PROFIBUS device
  • Electrical isolation
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